Social accountability policy

Our company specialises in wholesale, retail and distribution of various goods, and we’re deeply committed to providing our clients with high-quality goods in compliance with the proper workplace and work conditions that meet the requirements of our clients and international standards. We strive to be an equal opportunities employer, ensuring a safe, healthy, professional and efficient working environment for all of our employees and thus aim for the following:
  • Taking social responsibility and compliance with the national and international legislation.
  • Improving the company’s workspace and working environment, ensuring safety and health of all of our employees.
  • Ensuring zero tolerance for discrimination, forced labour, child labour and forced disciplinary measures
  • Providing our employees with a fair remuneration for their work, ensuring the rights to freedom of association and collective negotiations, also ensuring work time schedule, which complies with legal requirements.
  • Updating and improving the company policy according to changes in the legislation, or requirements of our company and our clients.
Seeking to develop our practice as a socially responsible, transparent and sustainable business, we follow the provisions, established in the Code of Conduct, which is universally applicable to all of the company’s employees, representatives, partners and suppliers.

Social accountability report

On 24 February 2015, UAB SANITEX has been certified according to the international social accountability standard SA8000:2008 and undertakes to comply with the principles of the said standard, taking care of the well-being of the company’s employees, and developing a socially responsible attitude towards the staff and their environment.

Our company continues to keep up with the requirements, established in the standard: we do not use child labour, but ensure proper conditions for the occupational safety and health of our employees, guarantee the freedom of staff organisations, prohibit all types of staff discrimination, do not apply or approve any physical disciplinary measures and forced labour, comply with work time regulations and offer a fair remuneration for work. Nevertheless, at UAB SANITEX we’re doing our best to do even more. And thus, the company has raised higher social responsibility goals: taking part at social activities, taking care of environmental protection, encouraging active lifestyle of our employees, strengthening their immune system and maintaining a low-risk level of the products, supplied to our consumers.

Social support  UAB SANITEX is an active participant of various social campaigns, supporting various charity organisations.

UUAB SANITEX has been cooperating with association “Padedu augti”, enabling families with triplets to pick up baby diapers to each of the families’ needs at our shops for free. During 2020 – 2021, the company donated diapers for 13 393,93 Eur

Also, as of 2015, UAB SANITEX has been taking part at a social campaign, inviting employees and PROMO Cash&Carry customers to donate pet goods to the special donation boxes, located at the shopping centres. During the period of 2015-2020 we collected 13,559 kg of dog and cat food, which is donated to pet shelters every year.

UAB SANITEX cooperates with the National Blood Donation Centre and other blood donation organisations. The company organizes blood donation campaigns, during which about 40 employees donate their blood, every quarter of the year. During the recent campaign in autumn 2021, our employees donated about 20 l of blood.

Officeday, which also belongs to UAB SANITEX, cooperates with Vaikų Svajonės (Children’s Dreams) project, the goal of which is to support young talents that live in more financially-challenging conditions. This year Officeday helped children to prepare for school, ensuring that a lack of school supplies does not cripple the joy of the beginning of the school year. During the project, online and shop clients and Officeday employees helped to fulfil 528 children’s dreams.

Employees’ interests  UAB SANITEX encourages the staff to take up an active lifestyle. The company has gathered its own basketball team, providing it with its own team uniform and a place for training. The company also organises SANITEX Group basketball league, awarding the best teams with prizes.

UAB SANITEX cares about the health of its employees, conducting routine health checks at work and encouraging the employees and their family members to take flu and tick-borne encephalitis vaccines by compensating half of the vaccine price. The company focused special attention on Covid-19 prevention since the very outbreak of the pandemic not only to ensure compliance to all prevention and safety requirements, but also encouraging the employees to take care of their health. At least 90 per cent of UAB SANITEX employees have been immunised against Covid-19 by the 4th quarter of 2021.

As of 2021, all employees of the company group have been covered by additional health insurance at the group’s cost – all employees can address private healthcare institutions and receive free treatment, preventive health care, dentistry, examination and other services.

Environmental protection. UAB SANITEX takes care of the environmental protection by controlling the management of the waste, generated by the company, and power consumption.

UAB SANITEX disposes of food that is damaged, expired or otherwise unsuitable for sale and consumption at a company, providing disposal services, and is also a member of VšĮ Žalias Taškas, which, among else, coordinates packaging waste management. All other waste, generated by the company, is sorted into special containers and transferred to a waste manager. UAB SANITEX also promotes recycling at the office, providing special waste bins for recycling and informing the staff members about sorting containers on a periodic basis.

In addition to that, in 2015-2016, UAB SANITEX replaced all electric bulbs, used at the offices, shops and warehouses, with energy-saving bulbs, thus reducing power consumption.

Seeking to promote the use of renewable energy resources, in 2021, UAB SANITEX equipped 9 of its office and shop buildings with solar panels to ensure energy supply for these buildings and keeps developing its power plants by planning to invest more than 500,000 Eur into solar panels in 2022.

The company’s entire vehicle fleet consists of new cars of at least EURO6 standard, employees are encouraged to refrain from unnecessary travelling and host meetings remotely to reduce CO2 emissions and protect the environment.

Product safety. In July 2012, the State Non-Food Products Inspectorate under the Ministry of Economy, selected TOP 5 economic entities in terms of the lowest risk level and the least intensive monitoring, offering to sign a declaration of an economic entity, aiming to be included into the White List of the State Non-Food Products Inspectorate, and to submit it to the inspection. The White List of 4 lowest-risk companies, including UAB SANITEX, has been approved by the Head of the Inspectorate on 12 December 2012. This list has been amended on 1 June 2015, but our company remains firmly established in the White List. This is an enormous acknowledgement of the company’s responsibility in proper product safety management.

Thus, UAB SANITEX not only complies with the applicable legislation, but also aims for higher goals that increase the company’s social responsibility. UAB SANITEX is planning to continue its socially-responsible business and improve its previous results.

Should you have any information on possible or known violations, including violations of the legislation at UAB SANITEX, please contact us by e-mail: [email protected]. We ensure and guarantee that all of these reports will remain anonymous.