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Baltic Logistic Solutions is one of the largest and most reliable logistics companies in the Baltic states. Our logistics centers meet the highest quality standards and are strategically located at the most convenient sites across the region, while the well-developed distribution network allows companies to effectively transport their products both in the Baltic region and other European countries.
We are one of the largest logistics companies in the Baltic region with over 90,000 m² of warehouse space and more than 1150 employees.
Continuous 24/7 storage processes and 100% adaptation to customer needs. Highly qualified and professional staff ensures smooth and efficient logistics solutions.
Responding to the growing expectations of our customers, we have adopted state-of-the-art process management technology, upgraded our warehouse management technology and modernized our car fleet. By streamlining our processes, we are saving money and are able to help our customers to save it as well.


We rely on the international standards for quality management (ISO 9001:2008), environmental management (ISO 14001:2004) and food safety, and some of the most advanced warehouse management systems in 3PL logistics processes. We have a qualified and skilled staff, and our vehicles are equipped to meet the highest standards and the latest trends in the market. This way, we ensure that our customers receive the best available 3PL logistics services.

Uninterrupted transport path connecting Europe

We guarantee that your cargo will be transported at a temperature necessary for each particular product. The well-developed distribution network creates unlimited opportunities for businesses to expand or benefit from a single-time logistics service in the Baltic region or across Europe.

700 cargo transfers in the Baltic countries per week

Deliveries in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia within 24 hours

Possibility to adjust the temperature from -18°C to +20°C depending on the cargo

Do not hesitate to contact us for price estimate and we will do our best to offer you the most acceptable option. And while we do the calculations, you can take care of your business. No rush, no worries.
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